12 January 2016

Terror stalks the Academy: why does the study of terrorism often deny religious motivation?

.... Ever since 9/11 liberal political elites, academe and state broadcasters have consistently denied any connection between political religion, in its Islamist form, and religiously inspired violence.

After London 7/7 or more recently Paris a predictable chorus of experts appear in the media to claim the latest outrage has nothing to do with religion. Well might they. For the past decade, grants, and chairs in terror or peace and conflict studies have been dedicated not only to showing modern terrorism has no Islamic association but even if it does, it is part of a wider, anti-capitalist ‘resistance’ by the rest to the West.

Thus, although mainstream analysts since 9/11 recognise that Islamist plots discovered or carried out successfully, begin in Europe, they quickly move on to deny these actions have anything to do with Islam.

David Kilcullen, known for his role in the promotion of the post-2006 Iraq surge, confidently pronounces that ‘Islamic theology has nothing to do with violence’. [The Telegraph] Read more