04 April 2016

Aamer Anwar warns of "climate of fear" in Muslim community

HUMAN rights lawyer Aamer Anwar has warned of a "climate of fear" stifling debate in Scotland’s Muslim community as police investigate death threats against him.

The campaigner last week played a key role in bringing together Glasgow’s bitterly divided Muslim community to condemn extremism and mourn the death of city shopkeeper Asad Shah in an allegedly religiously motivated killing.

In a dramatic sign of reconciliation between conservatives and liberals at Glasgow Central Mosque, Imam Habib ur Rehman used Friday prayers to reach out a hand of friendship to Mr Anwar.

However, the lawyer, who has a young family, remains a target for abuse and threats from conservatives who have accused him of trying to shut down the Mosque and "smearing" the entire Muslim Community.

Mr Anwar said The Herald: “A small minority have deliberately set out to create a climate of fear within the community. [Herald Scotland] Read more