01 April 2016

Austrian etiquette explained to refugees

Newly arrived asylum seekers in Austria are being given a helping hand to navigate their new home by a pocket book explaining the do's and don'ts of Austrian life.

The book - which was produced by the Red Cross with the support of state broadcaster ORF - explains some of the etiquettes and cultural habits of Austrians.

A section on food and drinks explains that Austrians “eat a lot of pork, and also beef, chicken, turkey and lamb” and that “many people drink beer or wine, particularly in the evenings.”

.... Mohammed, a 27-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq, told the Kurier newspaper that the book would save him from making a lot of mistakes and that advice on where to get halal meat is particularly important.

“I don’t know which types of meat there are here and where I can buy halal meat,” he said.

“The book is meant as a guide,” explains Red Cross President Gerald Schöpfer. “The refugees should understand how Austria works.” [The Local] Read more