10 April 2016

One in four British Muslims back Sharia law

NEARLY one in four British Muslims would support Sharia law replacing UK law in some areas of the country, according to a new poll.

British Muslims disagree with the rest of the country on a range of key issues such as sexuality, freedom of speech and polygamy, according to new research.

A poll carried out by ICM discovered that more than half of Muslims disagree with homosexuality being legal in Britain, while a quarter support Sharia law being introduced into parts of the country instead of British law.

The full findings will feature in a Channel 4 documentary presented by Trevor Phillips, former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, on Wednesday.

Entitled What British Muslims Really Think, the programme will investigate the 'split' between Britons who follow Islam and the rest of the population.

Among the most startling findings by the research was the attitude of Muslim men and women to the treatment of wives.

A third of those polled said it was acceptable for a British Muslim to keep more than one wife, while 39 per cent said wives should always obey their husbands. [Herald Scotland] Read more