02 December 2016

Four in ten British Muslims want some aspect of Sharia Law enforced in UK

Forty-three per cent of followers of the religion living in the country believed that parts of the Islamic legal system should replace British law while only 22 per cent opposed the idea.

Researchers also found "deeply worrying" levels of belief among British Muslims in conspiracy theories such as blaming the US government or “Jews" for the 9/11 terror attacks on America.

The findings were revealed last night in one of the biggest surveys of opinion among Muslims ever carried out in the UK. Data from the polling firm ICM showed very similar views to the rest of the UK population on a range of key issues including the NHS, unemployment and immigration.

But the research commissioned by the Westminster-based think tank Policy Research found stark differences with other sections of society on the issues of Sharia Law and some aspects of the terrorist threat. [Daily Express] Read more