01 December 2016

New poll finds Muslims are more politically engaged and share national concerns

.... The Muslim Council of Britain consistently looks for empirical data to help drive policy development and this ICM poll, despite the interpretation Policy Exchange has chosen to give the findings, provides fresh information about Muslims living in locations where the Muslim population accounts for at least 20% of the total population.

The poll finds that Muslims are more engaged in the political process (72% vs. 54%), significantly more likely to have raised money for charity (23% vs. 4%) and volunteered at a local school or other care-based institution (10% vs. 4%). Muslims seem to care about the same issues as the rest of the population and favour a common national curriculum for young children that would enhance community cohesion, even more so than the rest of the UK population (69% vs. 58%).

On issues related to extremism, a smaller proportion (2%) of Muslims sympathise with those committing terrorist acts as a form of political protest compared to the UK population as a whole (4%), and more Muslims (90%) condemn these individuals compared to the UK population (84%). [Muslim Council of Britain] Read more