30 April 2017

Al Fitrah speaker tour

The Waterlily Centre in East London has long been the preferred venue for Islamists. Last night saw the return of an old favourite – Hamza Tzortzis – offering ‘Advice to our Ummah’, one of a series of events organised by the Al Fitrah Academy.

For a handy reminder of Tzortzis’ views on blasphemy, child marriage, homosexuality, freedom of speech and other issues, check out this useful document prepared by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain.

Another speaker is Jalal Ibn Sa’eed who has in the past expressed support for the Taliban.

.... Tonight the same group will speak at Villiers High School, Southall. A luridly post-apocalyptic image advertises the topic – Resurrection.

The Al-Fitrah Academy is endorsed by Khalid Yasin. Here he speaks unambiguously about the punishment for homosexuality in Islam. [Harry’s Place] Read more