22 April 2017

Manchester Mayoral Candidate Delivers Video Manifesto Entirely in Urdu

A British mayoral candidate has caused controversy after delivering a video manifesto on the BBC website completely in Urdu.

Mohammed Aslam, who is an independent candidate for Greater Manchester ‘Metro Mayor’, appeared on the BBC News site’s “minute manifesto” series, in which each candidate is given one minute to spell out their policies.

However, the corporation appears to have had to dub over Mr Aslam’s speech after he delivered it in a foreign language.

Janice Atkinson, an independent member of the European Parliament, tweeted saying: “If you can’t/won’t speak English you have no right to stand in elections. You cannot represent our people, culture and values. Stand down.”

It remains unclear whether Mr Aslam is in fact unable to speak English or whether he simply refused to do so.

According to the BBC website, Mr Aslam was born in Faisalbad, Pakistan and moved to Manchester 17 years ago. He is the director of a property letting company, and says he wants to make the area “more developed and a modern region”. [Breitbart London] Read more