07 April 2017

British DJ Sentenced To A Year In Tunisian Prison Over Muslim Prayer Dance Remix

A London-born techno DJ has been sentenced to a year in prison by a Tunisian court after he played a track sampling the Muslim call to prayer at a festival.

Dax J, who has since left the country after performing at club El Guitone as part of Orbit Festival, was sentenced in his absence having been charged with public indecency and offending public morality.

Nabeul governor Mnaouar Ouertani was quoted as stating the Tunisian government “will not allow attacks against religious feelings and the sacred.”

The club was shut down immediately and the manager was detained. AFP news agency reports the court dismissed charges against the nightclub owner and an event organiser, but the prosecution has appealed, claiming they both should have checked what the DJ was playing. [The Huffington Post UK] Read more