12 April 2017

France shuts down another mosque for 'condoning violent jihad'

A mosque in the eastern suburbs of Paris was ordered closed on Tuesday because authorities deemed it "a threat to security".

The mosque, located in Torcy in the Seine-et-Marne department, was deemed by authorities to be "a threat to public order".

Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said the mosque had "become a place where radical ideology was advocated".

"Some of the preaching was openly hostile to France's laws and was inciting hate to other religious communities, primarily Shia Muslims and Jews."

He added that there was a risk of "a breeding ground that threatened security and public order" in France.

In the official police order for closure, Imams were said to have "legitimized armed jihad" over the past two years, "calling on members to pray for jihadists to destroy the enemies of Islam in France and around the world". [The Local] Read more