20 April 2017

Awkward moment Malcolm Turnbull repeatedly refuses to say women who wear headscarves are integrated into Australian society during tense interview with Leigh Sales

Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly refused to say if Muslim women who wear headscarves have integrated into Australian society.

The Prime Minister became defensive during a tense interview with 7.30 host Leigh Sales.

'Leigh, what you're asking me to say is, "Is a woman who wears a headscarf not integrated?'," he told the ABC.

Sales replied she was not asking him to say that.

'Wearing a headscarf is a feature of a woman's life, wearing a particular garment,' Mr Turnbull said.

The prime minister had earlier agreed with Sales that Jewish people who celebrated Hanukkah had integrated with Australian culture and values.

'Well, of course they are. Of course they are,' he said.

However, Mr Turnbull minced his words when asked about Muslim women wearing headscarves.

Sales rephrased the question by asking if he thought most Australians regarded a woman wearing a headscarf as someone who represented Australian values.

'People are free to wear whatever item of clothing they like,' Mr Turnbull said. [Daily Mail] Read more