30 April 2017

German interior minister speaks out in favor of 'Leitkultur' for immigrants

Germany's interior minister has presented a 10-point plan on the divisive issue of "Leitkultur" - the idea of establishing dominant German values. Thomas de Maiziere believes this will help integrate immigrants.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere shared his plan about the controversial issue of fostering a dominant culture in Germany in the Sunday edition of Germany's daily "Bild" newspaper, saying he wanted to start a public debate about the subject.

In his guest contribution to the paper, de Maiziere defended the idea of advocating a dominant culture in Germany, stating that strengthening set values under such a "Leitkultur" would ultimately create greater tolerance and that feeling secure in one's culture would in turn create strength.

Critics of the idea of "Leitkultur" argue, however, that among other things it would serve the purpose of limiting immigration by rejecting those who do not succeed in assimilating. Opponents also say that such a set core of values would automatically lead to cultural clashes, with a "Leitkultur" being treated as inherently superior to immigrants' native cultures, and that they would therefore be designed to inadvertently limit the spreading of multiculturalism. [Deutsche Welle] Read more