05 April 2017

Fears of another 'Trojan Horse' scandal reignited after Islamic school posts advert for 'male-only' teacher

Fears of another “Trojan Horse” scandal have been reignited in Birmingham after an Islamic private school was found to have placed an advert for a male-only science teacher.

The advert which risks being in breach of the Equalities Act, has since been retracted - but the headmaster claims that the role must be occupied by a male teacher because of “religious observance reasons”.

The decision has prompted calls for the Salafi Independent School, located in Small Heath, to be investigated, amid fears its stance promotes “gender-based discrimination” and threatens to undermine “British values”.

Whilst the Department for Education said it could not comment on individual cases, a spokesperson said that it could not see realistic grounds on which a school would be legally able to advertise for a teacher from a specific gender. [The Telegraph] Read more