17 April 2017

Sheikh tells teenage girls they will go to hell if they have non-Muslim friends

A fundamentalist sheikh told teenage girls at a youth night that they would go to hell if they made friends with non-Muslims.

Sheikh Mohamad Doar told a group of young girls in Sydney that they needed to stop being friends with non-believers during a lecture about Islam.

Speaking at Punchbowl on Saturday night, he said: ‘The reality is, my sisters, any friendship that is not built on the fear of Allah is only going to lead to hell fire so you need to be cautious.

‘With your actions, you distance yourself from the corrupted people.’

Sheikh Doar also told the girls that women would be cursed by Allah if they plucked their eyebrows, waxed their body or shaved.

He said: ‘You are not allowed the remove the hair of the eyebrow, it’s a major sin. [Metro.co.uk] Read more