20 May 2014

Abu Hamza is gone, but Britain is still a hotbed of radical hatred

.... Americans have every right to congratulate themselves for their dogged perseverance, Mr Cameron and Mrs May have less cause for any sense of triumphalism, because, as things stand, Britain today remains just as much a hotbed of radical activity as it did during Abu Hamza’s Finsbury heyday back in the Nineties.

These days the intelligence and security services apply immeasurably more resources to tracking and disrupting the activities of terrorists around the globe than they did 20 years ago. Even so, the brutal truth is that this has not yet diminished Britain’s appeal as a bolt-hole and fertile recruiting ground for experienced Islamist militants.

[A COMMENT] Look guys, its not as if the Koran hasn't given you enough warning. Remember Muslims believe this violent drivel is the unalloyed word of God. In the name of tolerance we are asked to tolerate people who believe these words are holy orders.

Myself I am not willing to die in the name of diversity so am happy to reject this religion.

I'm also amazed that this comment thread has been allowed given the tide of anti-Islamic bile that is probably heading its way. nevertheless, its about time the biggest threat to modernity and western civilisation is confronted. [The Telegraph] Read more