30 May 2014

Why I stand by my decision to send my son to Park View academy

.... The school has encouraged him to develop all parts of who he is, which includes being a Muslim, giving him the opportunity to express his faith if he so chooses. For example, he is able to use the school's washing facilities and do a daily prayer at lunchtime if he wishes, entirely at his own discretion.

[A COMMENT] Given that the complaint is that the school unduly favours Muslim boys, it would be more balanced to give the views of the parent of a Christian or Jewish pupil, particularly a female.

[ANOTHER] Are there really places where the population is 98% Muslim? Sad and depressing.

Also so what if it is 98% of any particular faith, where is the Guardian support for secular state schools? Why is the religion of its pupils of any relevance whatsoever?

[ANOTHER] The accusations against the school may be wholly or partly false. However, the real point is that there would be no basis at all for such accusations if we accepted as a society that the practice of religion should be out of all of our schools.

By not facing up to this we are expanding religious control over schools and thereby sleepwalking towards social and religious divisiveness that we will one day regret.

[ANOTHER] As a parent, would you not like your son to have the opportunity to widen his group of peers? Do you not think that putting him in an environment where he meets only fellow-Muslims that you are actually preventing his successful integration into mainstream British society? Will he live in Britain all his life? If so, isn't it desirable for him to play with all types of children? [Guardian Cif] Read more