29 May 2014

Ban the bikini! Kuwait in ‘nudity’ crackdown as Muslim leaders express outrage at inappropriate dress at swimming pools

Women in Kuwait could be banned from wearing bikinis after plans were approved to outlaw 'nudity' in public places.

Tourists and residents would be barred from wearing the two-piece swim suit under proposals for a ban at swimming pools and hotels.

The crackdown was approved by the head of the Kuwaiti National Assembly committee, MP Hamdam Al-Azemi.

[A COMMENT] So they are allowed to ban tourists from wearing bikinis, yet over here we can't say a word about them wearing Burkas. Says it all really doesn't it.

[ANOTHER] It's about time Britain had a crackdown on inappropriate dress too - like the burka and niqab, which not only disrespect and completely reject British culture but also pose a threat to public safety and national security. [Daily Mail] Read more