20 May 2014

Young and in love in Indonesia? Beware, in Banda Aceh the sharia police are watching

.... Activists also say that sharia police raids on hotels and cafes, led by Banda Aceh's acting mayor - a woman - have intensified. Mazuki Ali says patrols do routine checks. “Patrols come at night, they check the hotel registry and if they suspect unmarried couples might be staying there, they check their rooms and IDs,” he says. If couples prove to be unmarried, they're taken to the police station.

Sitting at a cafe in central Banda Aceh, Davi, and two of his female friends, Rita and Ayu, share stories about friends arrested for wearing tight clothes or walking around with someone of the opposite sex. A sharia police truck carrying a dozen officers drives by. “They raided this cafe two weeks ago,” comments 23-year-old Davi. “It's a bit too much. We just hang out, we do nothing wrong.”

[A COMMENT] As usual the religion of peace practising hate. There is no place for Islam in the 21 century.

[ANOTHER] Yes of course, but why do our leaders keep telling us that everything is hunky dory with it?

[AND ANOTHER] Coming to a town near you soon. This stone age religion has no place in ourcountry. [The Independent] Read more