13 May 2014

Pakistani lawyers accused of blasphemy after protesting against police

Pakistani police have registered a case of blasphemy against 68 lawyers who took part in a protest after a police officer detained one of their colleagues, officials say, the latest in a wave of such accusations flooding the country.

Analysts say the surge in accusations is a worrying sign that the nuclear-armed nation of 180 million people is becoming less tolerant as militant ideas enter mainstream politics.

[A COMMENT] This religion seems to cause problems and issues wherever it manifests itself in the world. Kidnapping in Nigeria, bombs in Syri and Iraq, bomb plots here in the UK and elsewhere, with schools being infiltrated and children indoctrinated, it is all very constant, a contant stream of pressure from one religion.

And now blasphemy. This is a look into how our world would be if Islamists ever got the chance to run the UK. [The Guardian] Read more