10 May 2014

Islamism in Birmingham schools: how the BBC is selectively reporting the 'Trojan horse' plot

.... But the Beeb's record on the story has been mixed. It has done some real reporting on it – that is, making the effort, like us, to gather actual evidence of its own. But on other occasions it’s been too ready to take at face value the obviously self-serving denials of obviously interested parties – such as governors of the schools concerned, or in this case Birmingham City Council.

[A COMMENT] So the BBC has "been too ready to take at face value"

Well, of course it has. The BBC made up its collective mind that multiculturalism was an untramelled good more than a generation ago, and anyone who disagrees with that viewpoint has been ridiculed and smeared as racist. To back away from that position, even by as much as running this story, is a traumatic experience for the Beeb and its many 'diversity'-loving 'progressives'. [The Telegraph] Read more