12 May 2014

The random Muslim scare story generator: separating fact from fiction

In Britain, there is now a cycle of Islamic scare stories so regular that it is almost comforting, like the changing of the seasons. Sadly, this rotation is not as natural, or as benign, although it is beginning to feel just as inevitable. We had the niqab winter last year, as the country lurched into the niqab debate for the second time in three years. Now we are in the spring of halal slaughter.

[A COMMENT] "This reflects an increasing nationwide umbrage towards visible British Muslims" Yeah because if national TV started playing the Angelus at 6.00PM nobody would say a word about Roman Catholics. Would you ever cop on to yourself. This is a secular country. Why can't you understand that?

[ANOTHER] Nesrine, I sympathize to a degree, but the source of and responsibility for almost all of the so-called 'Islamophobia' out there must be laid at the feet of some of your fellow-Muslims and their utterly atrocious behaviour towards others.

Why on earth do you think that people are ready to believe the worst? Because of normal Muslims going about their business? Or something else? .... Your anger is terribly misplaced. [The Guardian] Read more