20 May 2014

Bishop of Salisbury says he will not intervene after Sherborne vicar's views on "invasion of halal meat" prompt complaint

The Bishop of Salisbury has said he will "not discourage" a Sherborne vicar from discussing controversial subjects after Canon Eric Woods expressed forthright views on the topic of halal meat.

After fast food giant Subway removed ham and bacon from almost 200 outlets, and switched to halal meat alternatives, and amid other firms coming forward to say they had done the same, Canon Eric Woods expressed his views in his weekly column for the Western Gazette.

He said the "invasion of halal meat" in the UK was worse than he thought and that "although I would defend to the hilt the right of any community to follow their own rules relating to food and other products, I do not believe that the rest of us should have halal meat foisted on us by stealth." [Western Gazette] Read more