14 May 2014

Islamist leader of Mega Mosque bid and ally of George Galloway picked as TORY candidate!

Mufti Shah Sadruddin, who believes in the notion of Islamic states, has no known previous links to the Tories, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of Respect MP George Galloway.

The Conservative party in the east London borough has also selected two other candidates who have previously stood for socialist Respect.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has been briefed on the situation and is understood to be concerned the party is being exploited as a vehicle of convenience.

Mr Sadruddin has been using his Facebook page to urge all Muslims to vote for any party that stands the best chance of ousting the borough’s incumbent directly elected mayor, Labour’s Sir Robin Wales.

.... A central theme of Mr Sadruddin’s campaign is his desire to punish Sir Robin for his opposition to the Mega Mosque project, which is also known as the London Markaz.

[A COMMENT] I've heard it all now, after being a lifelong Conservative, no more, they have become the appeaser party of Islam along with Labour and the Libdems. You spineless twit Mr Cameron, allowing this to happen.

[ANOTHER] If you cannot beat them let them join your party. That is the Tory attitude.We might even let you build a mosque. The way that some Muslim countries treat Christians in their lands shows you what happens when they get the upper hand. Their religion is the opposite of democracy. [Daily Express] Read more