07 March 2016

German politicians campaign to make pork mandatory in public canteens after sausages and bacon were removed 'to prevent offending Muslims'

German politicians are campaigning to make pork mandatory in public canteens and schools, after reports that sausages, chops and bacon were disappearing from menus.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Schleswig-Holstein claimed pork products were being removed from cafes, daycare centres and state schools across the state to 'prevent offending Muslims'

The suggestion to force public schools and canteens to serve pork has subsequently been widely mocked on social media, using hashtags #porkduty and #wurstcasescenario.

The local arm of the CDU, the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, claimed pork was being banned for 'religious reasons' across the north German state.

'The protection of minorities - including for religious reasons - must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration,' said CDU's Daniel G√ľnther. [Daily Mail] Read more