04 March 2016

Senior Muslim calls for charity watchdog to suspend top officials at Glasgow Mosque

.... The two formal complaints represent a dramatic escalation of the bitter turf war at what is Scotland’s single biggest single place of worship of any faith.

And they place OSCR in the difficult position of having to consider using its powers, including suspension, against an important religious body.

The watchdog has already published damning interim findings about the way the Mosque has been managed in the past.

A new generation of liberal Scottish Muslims had been in control of the facility until earlier this month, when they resigned en masse citing threats and intimidation.

Mr Farooq was one of just five members of the committee not to stand down. However, he now believes that members who were resigned were replaced illegally.

Mr Farooq said in a statement: “I have written to OSCR advising them of the illegal committee.

“I have asked them to investigate that the process in the selection of seven new committee members, which was not constitutional. [Herald Scotland] Read more