28 March 2016

Why normally vocal Muslims stay silent when it comes to Ahmadi killings

The death of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah last Thursday was alleged to be related to his background. But once the news emerged that the perpetrator may well be a Muslim the reaction was a little more muted from many Muslims. Why?.

Quite clearly this was a horrible killing and one which has shocked Scotland and many members of the Asian community.

The normally vocal Muslim commentators and Muslim groups who tend to take to Twitter and Facebook to condemn actions against Muslims were strangely silent.

There is a sense that one can’t say anything that might inflame people’s passions when it comes to Ahmadis.

For example if this had been a crime committed by a non-Muslim against a Muslim we may well have had a stream of Imams and Muslim advocacy groups lining up to condemn the actions. Where were these Imams, Muslim groups and political commentators this weekend? [Asian Image] Read more