19 March 2016

Not just any burkini, it's an M&S burkini: The ultimate proof Britain is truly multicultural as Marks splashes out on a Muslim swimwear range

In what could be the ultimate sign of the nation’s growing diversity, Middle England’s favourite retailer has started selling burkinis.

Marks & Spencer now stocks two styles of the full-length swimwear, which is designed to protect the modesty of Muslim women.

The company explains that the £49.50 suit ‘covers the whole body with the exception of the face, hands and feet, without compromising on style’ and boasts: ‘It’s lightweight so you can swim in comfort.’

M&S has stores in Dubai and – perhaps surprisingly – Libya, which have sold the three-piece sets for the past three years.

But now they are available from the company’s website in the UK and will soon be on sale at the company’s flagship store in Marble Arch, Central London.

As well as appealing to Muslim women in the UK, the designs may prove popular with women worried about the damage that exposure to the sun could do to the skin. [763 comments]

[TOP TATED COMMENT 4217 votes] I'm a Christian man and I've had one for years. I use it for surfing and diving. It's called a wetsuit.

[2ND 3382] M & S have gone to the wall.

[3RD 3178] Stupid

[4TH 3073] Now, how about using what you have learned, M&S, to make decent day wear again?

[5TH 3025] If these women are truly Muslim they shouldn't be swimming in front of men anyway

[6TH 2896] We're doomed

[7TH 2538] It is to make money, for political correctness? The shape of things to come, I despair. [Daily Mail] Read more