16 March 2016

High Court ruling on teenager who refused to live with her family 'because they were not strict enough Muslims'

The girl, who had attempted to travel to Syria, should have been provided with alternative taxpayer-funded accommodation, judges rule.

A teenager who did not want to live with her family because "they were not strict enough Muslims" after being returned from the Syrian border, should have been provided with accommodation and support by the local authority, the High Court has said.

The 18-year-old girl, identified only as C, won a declaration that, from June 2015, she was a child in need and should now be regarded as a "former relevant child" who was entitled to a wide range of assistance until the age of 21.

The A-star student, who was born and brought up in the London Borough of Enfield, first came to the attention of the local authority in February 2014 when she travelled alone through Turkey to the Syrian border without her parents' consent. [The Telegraph] Read more