15 March 2016

Labour MP Attacks ‘Systematic Campaign’ By Men In Local Party To Ruin Her

Naz Shah warns of ‘patriarchy and misogyny’ within Muslim communities.

A Labour MP has revealed how she is being subjected to a “systematic campaign” by men in her local party to ruin her reputation.

Writing for The Huffington Post UK today, Bradford West MP Naz Shah said the attempt to “malign” and “denigrate” her character came after the national Labour Party acted to take control of the selection of candidates in key Bradford Council seats.

Shah was prompted to speak out following Monday evening’s Newsnight report on the experience of Pakistani women within the Labour Party.

Speaking to the programme, the Labour MP for Luton South, Gavin Shuker, said the party had a “real problem” in getting “capable young women in the Asian community selected” as parliamentary candidates. [The Huffington Post UK] Read more