11 March 2016

Labour MP 'felt pressured' after speaking out

A Labour MP has said he is "disappointed" by the party's response to concerns about the selection of female Muslim councillors.

He told BBC Newsnight: "In recent weeks, when I've spoken up about this issue, I felt extremely pressured to be silent on the things I know to be true."

The Labour Party said any complaints or evidence of sexism or intimidation were dealt with fairly.

Mr Shuker raised his concerns in response to claims made by the charity Muslim Women's Network UK (MWN UK) concerning the "blocking" of vocal, independent Muslim women by male members of the Labour Party who are of Pakistani heritage.

MWN UK has called for an inquiry by the party into "systematic misogyny" within Labour.

Mr Shuker says: "I've been disappointed with the response of the Labour Party.

"I would like robust action from the leadership - both from the NEC and from the leader of the Labour Party to say 'If there are these practices, we will take time to root them out.' [BBC] Read more