07 March 2016

Local Muslims cautious about new Idaho anti-Shariah bill

Last week a committee in the Idaho Legislature agreed to introduce a bill designed to keep Shariah law and other foreign codes from becoming part of Idaho court decisions or government policies.

An Idaho State University instructor and a Pocatello doctor, both Muslims, have reservations about such legislation.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Eric Redman, R-Athol, and it passed the Idaho House Ways and Means Committee on a partisan vote, with the three Democrats on the committee voting not to move the bill forward.

.... Redman's bill doesn't specifically mention Islamic law, but the Associated Press reported that Redman circulated pictures of a severed hand and a man about to be beheaded to legislative leaders considering the proposal. The pictures were pasted in between definitions of Shariah law and accused the Prophet Muhammad of being a pedophile.

"This bill isn't just about Shariah law, but Shariah law is a major concern," Redman told the AP. [AP] Read more