03 March 2016

We must not tolerate British imams who applaud barbarism in Pakistan

How outraged were you when you heard the news?

The Muslim man in America arrested for blasphemy against the state’s Christian constitution, the governor who defended the man’s right to freedom of religion, and then the dramatic gunning down of the governor by a well-armed redneck with a “Jesus Is Alive” tattoo.

Whose side were you on? Did you defend the redneck with the tattoo, take to social media on the day he was sent to the electric chair to call him a martyr to Christianity?

How did you feel when you read of the Church of England vicar who praised the murderer, justified his actions and even boasted about attending his funeral?

All these events actually happened. In a way.

Except it was a Christian woman in Pakistan, Asia Bibi, who was arrested and sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy. It was a Muslim governor, Salmaan Taseer, who came to her defence and called for the country’s absurd and medieval blasphemy laws to be reviewed. [The Telegraph] Read more