08 April 2016

Islamic prayer room in a Sydney university 'being used to radicalise students' - with messages urging them to watch YouTube clips from hate preachers

A prominent moderate Muslim leader has raised concerns that a prayer room at a Sydney university may be being used to radicalise students.

Imam Afroz Ali visited the Islamic prayer room in the University of Technology in Sydney this week after being told of a message instructing students to look for extremist preachers on YouTube.

He took a photograph of a whiteboard which had the names of a number of radical Islamic preachers including Anwar al-Awlaki - a senior Al Qadea recruiter.

'This is the seed towards radicalisation, particularly if people get this information out of a whiteboard or leaflet and then go and watch the YouTube clips,' Imam Afroz told The Australian.

'If people get answers to their questions about religiosity from these lectures, they’ll be shaped by that, and so much ­radicalisation has been occurring through these YouTube or social media platforms.' [Daily Mail] Read more