08 April 2016

Why some British Muslims are calling for the death of other British Muslims

Last month, after being offended by a tweet, Tanweer Ahmed traveled 200 miles in an Uber car from Bradford, in England, to Glasgow, in Scotland. The seemingly innocuous, even heartfelt tweet was written by Asad Shah, and wished his adopted countrymen a happy Easter.

Ahmed waited for 40-year-old Shah to leave the convenience store in Glasgow where he worked, then stabbed him 30 times, stamped on his head, and sat on his chest while Shah lay unconscious, authorities allege. Shah died of his wounds later that night.

The hatred that Ahmed, 32, apparently felt for Shah wasn't because of his kind words about Christians, but because Shah was a member of the small and long-persecuted sect of Muslims called the Ahmadiyya. [The Washington Post] Read more