17 October 2016

Angry Muslims Say Teen Christian Boy Must Die For 'Insulting Islam'

An angry mob of 80 Muslims has confronted a Christian boy, demanding he is hanged.

The mob also threatened to burn his family to death for a Facebook post they claim insulted Islam.

The case is just the latest of rising persecution of Christians in Pakistan, a Muslim-majority country.

Nabeel Masih, 16, from Punjab, who faces the death penalty for posting a picture of the Kaaba religious pilgrimage site in Mecca, had to be rushed under protective guard from court, the Express reports.

The "insulting and sacrilegious" image is alleged to have featured a pig's head.

The mob has even threatened his defence team for taking the case. Masih's lawyer Aneeqa Maria said it was becoming increasingly tense. [Christian Today] Read more