05 October 2016

Muslim preacher who calls for beheading & burning of homosexuals to give speech in London

US-born radical Shaykh Hamza Sodagar – who has dubbed non-Muslims "kuffars" and released a video detailing "one of five ways" to kill homosexuals – is speaking at the Islamic Republic of Iran School in London which started on October 4 and runs until October 12.

In his depraved video, Sodagar details different “punishments” for homosexuals, calling for their beheading and for them to be set alight.

He also advocates throwing gay people off cliffs, tearing down walls on top of homosexuals and even suggests killing them by combining each method.

The inflammatory speech is believed to have been recorded sometime in 2010.

His intolerant views are compatible with strict Sharia law, which deems homosexuality as a crime. [Daily Express] Read more