06 October 2016

The great conundrum for the Islamophobia lobby

The other day I wrote about the ‘academics’ who had signed a letter to the Guardian insisting that Britain should not have a counter-terrorism policy, a view which is increasingly echoed at the top of the Labour party. Interestingly enough, since pointing out that the letter’s signatories included people who are not only not academics, but extremists, I have learnt a most interesting thing.

A signatory informs me that letter was not just signed by that friend of ‘Jihadi John’, Asim Qureshi, but was in fact organised by him. That is right, the man who believed the head-hacker of Isis was a ‘beautiful’ person actually wrote to the signatories of that letter inviting them to sign it.

One wonders what the families of the men Asim’s friend tortured and beheaded think about him trying to direct UK counter-terrorism policy? Or of the Guardian newspaper being either duped or complicit in giving such a man an uncritical control of their pages? [The Spectator] Read more