01 October 2016

Charity Commission opens formal inquiry into mosque where ‘Kill Ahmadis’ leaflets were allegedly found

The Charity Commission has launched a formal investigation into a south London mosque where leaflets calling for members of a minority Muslim sect to be murdered were allegedly found.

In April, leaflets calling for the murder of members of the Ahmadiyya sect – a minority group which many Muslims consider heretical – were allegedly found in Stockwell Green mosque.

The leaflets apparently said Ahmadis must convert to mainstream Islam within three days or face “the capital punishment”, meaning death. The mosque has denied they were responsible for the leaflets and claimed that they may have been left there maliciously to discredit them.

But the commission announced on Wednesday that it had launched a statutory inquiry into the charity that runs the mosque, Aalami Majlise Tahaffuze Khatme Nubuwwat.

In a statement the regulator said it had carried out monitoring visits to the mosque in May and July and had found wider serious regulatory concerns which had prompted the formal inquiry.

It said: “The visits identified serious regulatory concerns regarding how the charity is being managed including indications of poor governance, risks to charity property due to poor financial management and the trustees carrying out activities outside of the charity’s stated objectives.” [The Independent] Read more