14 October 2016

Two Burkini-Dressed Women Thrown Out Of Széchenyi Baths

Two burkini-clad swimmers were told to leave a pool in Budapest’s Széchenyi Baths after a visitor complained about their clothing to staff.

According to the news website444.hu, the two women, aged around 30 and 70, were in the pool for over an hour before they were asked to leave by two members of staff, who cited instructions given by the pool’s leadership.

Contacted by the website, the sales and marketing director of Budapest Baths cPlc., the operator of the Széchenyi Baths, said that the women were told to respect the pool’s policies and bath in appropriate clothing.

According to these, pools can only be used in swimsuits not reaching below the knee or shoulder for health reasons. While the rules do not name the burkini, they do not permit wearing clothing covering the entire surface of the body for visitors to the capital’s baths. [Hungary Today] Read more