11 October 2016

Vermont Military College Accommodates Muslim Student’s Dress

A policy change pertaining to uniforms at a Vermont military college has enabled a Muslim student to feel welcome on campus.

“I’m just a normal college student,” said military recruit Sana Hamze. “I’m very happy here.”

Hamze is of Lebanese heritage, from Florida. She said she was born in the United States to parents who were, too.

The 18-year-old recently started her first year at Norwich University in Northfield.

Before Hamze enrolled, Norwich allowed a change to its uniform policy to enable her observance of the hijab, a form of modest dress by Muslim women.

“A lot have had questions,” Hamze said of her fellow students. “Many have asked what’s it called? What does it mean?”

Hamze’s hijab must be in muted tones to match the camouflage of her recruit’s uniform, she explained. Over her hijab Wednesday, Hamze was wearing a school cap designating her as a recruit.

Another part of her uniform that reflects her Muslim faith is how Hamze wears long sleeves and pants, she explained. Other students may have short sleeves. [New England Cable News] Read more