17 October 2016

'Make Muslims of them ALL’ Radicals call for ‘Islamification’ outside Swedish Parliament

In a shocking clip, filmed by politician Hanif Bali outside his workplace, a huge crowd can be seen chanting and praising Imam Khomeini, who enforced Sharia Law in Iran.

Posting the footage on Facebook, Bali wrote: “Today there was quite a lot of noise outside parliament – prayers were proclaimed and people chanted.

“When I first looked outside, I thought I was seeing scenes from streets of Tehran.”

The demonstration, which took place on Wednesday, was instigated by Imam Ali Islamic Center, a Shia Muslim Mosque which has had known ties to hate preachers calling for the murder of homosexuals.

After seeing the demonstration outside the Parliament building, Bali went outside and within moments he said he heard people hailing Imam Khomeini. [Daily Express] Read more