01 November 2016

Listening to Muslim women on sharia divorce could change it for the better

Muslim women continue to be the focus of public debate and are constantly being spoken about and for, usually relating to their dress or integration. This time it is on their treatment by sharia councils. Not one, but two inquiries have been launched to investigate this issue.

Although I welcome them and have already given evidence to the independent government review and will be speaking to the home affairs select committee today, I wonder if anyone is actually listening to what Muslim women have to say about the subject.

Everyone wants to listen to Muslim women when highlighting their terrible experiences of using sharia divorce services, such as domestic violence victims being pressured to mediate with the abusive husband. However, when it comes to the solutions, whether it is politicians, sharia councils or secular activists, everyone seems to think they know what is best for Muslim women. [Guardian Cif] Read more