01 November 2016

Sharia law being administered in shop basements, MPs told

Unofficial and unregulated Sharia law bodies are operating “everywhere in the country” preforming marriages and handing out divorces, the head of a body set up to standardise the administration of Islamic law in the UK has told MPs.

Dr Ahmad Al-Dubayan, chairman of UK Board of Sharia Councils, based in Regent’s Park Mosque in London, said it was impossible to know how many so-called sharia “councils” are operating in Britain.

But in some cases self-styled sharia authorities are operating out of small shops “maybe hidden in the basement or somewhere”, he said.

One widely-quoted think-tank report, published seven years ago, estimated that there are at least 85 sharia bodies in the UK but Dr Al-Dubayan said the true extent is unknown.

He was addressing members of the Commons Home Affairs Committee as it began an inquiry into the operation of bodies administering sharia law. [The Telegraph] Read more