26 February 2017

Are Muslims Doing Enough To Integrate In The United Kingdom?"

Here Maajid Nawaz gives his take on whether British Muslims are doing enough to integrate themselves in communities across the UK.

He said: "Now the question of integration is something that I, you would assume, have a lot to say about. I do, I have some views.

"The problem we've had in this country is that for so long we've been pretty paralysed from being able to speak about it.

"Those who have spoken about integration, those who have questioned the multiculturalism policies of the 90s have been usually tarnished, by either being racists, or bigots, or xenophobes, and the truth is that the very communities that those people, who are using words, who are deploying words such as racists, bigots, and xenophobes, are the very communities they were trying to defend, minority communities.

"And in this case, for this question, Britain's Muslim communities, were the same communities that were falling behind due to those policies, the multiculturalism policies of the 90s. On every conceivable metric.

"And I've said this before on my show, on every conceivable metric that you could come up with. Whether it's being disproportionately represented in prisons, whether it's being under employed, whether it's being disproportionately represented in our country's higher education institutions. [LBC] Read more