20 February 2017

Teachers asked to hand out less homework and give regular breaks to Muslim students fasting for Ramadan

Muslim students should be given minimal homework and provided with more breaks than their peers during the month of Ramadan, a religious guide for schools says.

The Islamic Special Religious Association, which teaches Islam to New South Wales public school students, has put out 'A simple guide to dealing with Muslim students during Ramadan' for schools to follow, The Daily Telegraph reported.

'During Ramadan, Muslim students may appear to be more tired or inattentive, particularly at the beginning of the month,' the guide says.

'You can help by allowing teachers to grant concessions to fasting students where possible, such as requests for time out, flexible schedules and lighter homework assignments, or less strenuous playground activities, especially towards the latter half of the day.'

Ramadan is the ninth month on the Muslim calendar and involves abstaining from food and drink from dawn to sunset and spiritual reflection. [Daily Mail] Read more