21 February 2017

Islamists won't give up trying to take over British schools because nobody is willing to stop them

.... Education is meant to liberate us from the prejudices and preoccupations of previous generations. In the UK, that freedom is now thwarted by policymakers. Kids are moulded to unquestioningly replicate the values of their faith and communities. One Christian school I was invited to, as a guest speaker, asked me not to mention homosexuality; a Jewish school advised me to steer clear of Israel and an Islamic school asked me to cover my hair. All three invites were declined.

Catholic, Protestant, Sikh, Hindu and Jewish schools are closing off 'outside' influences. Tony Blair, Michael Gove, and David Cameron enthusiastically backed parent power and school self-governance and so created a fragmented education system with hopelessly inadequate oversights. Ofsted inspectors are overstretched and can only act within legal limits.

It's time to go back to basics, to tighten up governance and to return to a universal state education curriculum which inviolably enshrines democratic and human rights and shared citizenship values to all children. Will it happen? No. Parental choice is sacrosanct. Trojan Horse plotters know that all too well which is why they are unlikely to give up their mission anytime soon. [International Business Times] Read more