22 February 2017

Prague archbishop warns of uncontrolled migration

.... "Throughout the history of mankind, unregulated migration invariably brought violence, wars and an economic, cultural and social downfall," he added.

Zvolensky warned of the attacks with Muslims behind them.

"In recent years, we could often see brutal terrorist attacks in Europe whose perpetrators claimed Islam. The facts can logically result in the conclusion that the bigger the Muslim community, the higher the likelihood of violent acts," he added.

Zvolensky said the influx of refugees was likely to affect Europe.

"The arrival of thousands of migrants from the Muslim world can basically alter our civilisation. We may not sustain the encounter primarily for demographic and cultural reasons in the course of decades," he added.

Zvolensky said the countries of Western civilisation had Christian roots, but the influence of Christianity on their shaping was on the wane. [Prague Daily Monitor] Read more