25 February 2017

'The agenda is to create a country within your country': Islamic leader warns radicals have a shocking secret plan to create a Muslim state inside Australia... funded by taxpayers

Muslim Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi has warned that an independent state within Australia is the agenda of radicals, according to an upcoming interview on Today Tonight.

The Muslim leader, who has openly spoken out against ISIS and extremists, is interviewed on Seven's Today Tonight and claimed radicals would 'create a country within your country'.

'The agenda is to create a country within your country,' Imam Tawhidi told Today Tonight.

He goes on to claim his religion is suffering at the moment.

'Sadly in my religion, in the current situation, is an absolute mess.'

The episode, on Monday night, will reveal the shocking plan for a Muslim state in Australia, funded by taxpayers and foreign fanatics the show's preview reads.

Muslim community leader Jamal Daoud, a Sunni Muslim and human rights activist, will appear on the episode. [Daily Mail] Read more