14 February 2017

'On the populist bandwagon' Muslim outrage as Austria pushes ahead with burka ban

Sebastian Kurz, Austria's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration, said he "will not be deterred" from introducing the ban in the face of condemnation from Muslim organisations.

Mr Kurz said his conservative Austrian People's Party (OVP) agreed with social-democratic coalition partners to prohibit full-face veils, such as the niqab and burka, in public spaces and buildings including courts and schools.

He said: "I have seen criticism from Muslims but I have been given a lot of encouragement from Muslims as well."

Carla Amina Baghajati, the women's commissioner of Austria's Islamic Community, condemned the proposed ban.

She said: "As far as religion is concerned, there is a great disappointment among Muslims that minister Kurz jumped on the populist bandwagon." [Daily Express] Read more