02 February 2017

Danish authorities demand women-only swimming sessions used by Muslim immigrants are scrapped so 'people learn it is natural to swim together'

Danish authorities have voted in overwhelming favour to scrap women-only swimming sessions used by migrants at a swimming pool.

Officials in the city of Aarhus demanded the end of gender-separated sessions at the Gellerupbadet swimming hall saying people need to 'learn to swim together'.

Many of the women who use the sessions are Muslim migrants who live on a nearby housing estate.

But the ruling party on Aarhus City Council, Venstre, say that separating men and women has no place in Denmark.

The proposal said: 'Children and adults need to learn that it is completely natural to swim together regardless of religious belief.

'Therefore it is a disservice and not an integration initiative when special offers are made.'

However, thelocal.dk reported that the Danish Institute for Human Rights would be filing a complaint to Denmark's Anti-Discrimination Board. [Daily Mail] Read more